Airfield Supply Co. And Kiva Confections Launch Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign


California-based dispensary manufacturer Airfield Supply Company simply unveiled CHECK YOURSELF, an awareness application encouraging self-examining for breast cancer. 

“We’re utilizing the new calendar year, when a lot of seem to establish personal health goals, to remind Californians out of San Diego to San Francisco which if you’re old enough to enjoy authorized cannabis, you’re old enough to create monthly self-exams part of your regular. Much like cannabis, there nevertheless exists a damaging stigma surrounding breast cancer, and breast cancer is among the most frequent cancers in women internationally, with one in eight girls affected,” explained Airfield Supply Company’s Chief Executive Officer Marc Matulich at a media release.  

“We’ve partnered with Kiva and shaped this cohort of all California cannabis merchants so as to help transform consumer behaviour for the better, as —by taking away the taboo, teaching ourselvesand directing the dialogue through actions —lives could be spared. Our heritage emanates from the medical cannabis movement and maintaining cannabis centered on the several distinct ways it may positively affect health is within our DNA. This is a huge labour of love for each the partners involved along with a basic conversation for us to push in continuing the conversation around cannabis, personal wellbeing, and great health.”

Airfield Supply Co. And Kiva Confections Launch Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign
Courtesy of Airfield Supply Co and Kiva Confections

Gummies at a Great Cause

To create CHECK YOURSELF a fact, Airfield Supply Company is partnering with Kiva Confections, yet another California firm, on a fire fruit-flavored gummy infused with live resin. Each one the cannabis businesses are working alongside maintain a Breast, that encourage self-checking for breast cancer. Money will be given to encourage breast cancer study as part of the initiative. 

The gummies are vegetarian and contain the normal 10milligrams of THC. The dwell resin extract is in the Banana Bubblegum breed, an indica-leaning hybrid. There’ll be texting on the packs enabling young people to self-examine. 

“Developing a limited-edition edible isn’t something we take lightly at Kiva, in which research and development could be time consuming. The fire that Airfield has because of this cause was only infectious, and it immediately became evident that we needed to be concerned. Our team is extremely pleased with this Passionfruit gummy that led to this cooperation, but we’re even pleased to encourage Keep A Breast’s significant, life-saving assignment,” says COO Adam Grablick of Kiva Confections. 

“The prospect for Maintain a breast to associate with California’s cannabis sector is monumental, since this is a business that’s becoming more and more health and wellness conscious, which spans over every demographic and mature age group, which enjoys exploring significant issues from fresh perspectives,” adds Executive Director Shaney Jo Darden of Maintain a Breast. “We believe in meeting people where they are and helping to spread the message about early detection in enjoyable, light-hearted approaches and today —using all the Lost Farm Live Resin Passion Fruit gummy by Kiva—tasty ways.” 

The gummies will soon be accessible across California in Airfield Supply Co. (San Jose), The Apothecarium (San Francisco), Jayden’s Journey (Modesto), King’s Crew (Long Beach), March along with Ash (San Diego), Solful (Sebastopol), and Sweet Flower (Los Angeles).

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