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Occasionally you’ll encounter a scenario in which the buds of at least one of your cannabis plants don’t seem to be maturing as quickly as anticipated, even after you’ve been at the flowering phase provided the breeder has anticipated. Why isn’t your plant ready to crop however and what do you do about it?

Faster isn’t necessarily better, however there are ways which you could accelerate time from seedling to harvest without sacrificing quality, yields or potency. If you’re seriously interested in getting returns as swiftly as possible, then those strategies will get you there the ideal way! Let’s get into it!

1.) Fewer Hours of Lighting Each Day at Flowering Stage

An electric timer may be used to place your increase lights on a timer, which means that you may command their daily lighting program . With photoperiod (routine ) breeds , you are able to control the light program in the flowering phase to acquire buds to grow quicker. Even though most plants will begin flowering once they capture less than 13 or 14 hours of light a day (that’s when plants generally start flowering outside ), it may take them a long time to “complete” and be prepared to harvest with times that long.

Due to this, it’s suggested to give plants 12 hours of light daily, also 12 hours dark to acquire the plant to begin flowering, since plants generally conclude maturing in roughly 8-12 weeks following the change into 12/12.

The 1 drawback is that a more rigorous phase with less hours of light daily mean that buds have significantly less time to fatten and you’ll wind up with bigger yields. Therefore it’s not encouraged to attempt and acquire a plant to complete flowering in under 8 weeks, since you’ll end up with very smallish yields. This technique is best used if you’ve got a plant that’s been around for 2-3 months and doesn’t seem like it aims on quitting any time soon.

How do this technique reduce returns? ​The light you provide your plant total during its lifetime, and particularly in the flowering phase, the less your returns are going to be in overall. A strain that requires more time to complete flowering usually generates bigger yields in relation to a short-flowering strain since it gets a lot of added light-hours where it’s making electricity and fattening buds.

On a similar note, an auto-flowering plant becomes fairly great yields contemplating it moves from seed to harvest in only 3 weeks. A significant portion of this is because they get 18 hours/light each day throughout their whole flowering interval (compared to just 12 per day for routine plants)/ This provides the plant more light daily to create buds, leading to larger yields.

2.) Pick a Quick-Finishing Strain of Marijuana

As you are probably aware, the entire life cycle for all marijuana crops is split into two elements: the vegetative phase and the flowering phase. The vegetative point may be shortened by obtaining the plant to develop faster when she’s young. However the amount of the flowering phase (the period between when blossoms begin forming when the plant is ready to crop ) is fairly much strain-specific. Meaning that when you’ve started hammering a particular strain, there isn’t a whole lot great alternatives to speed up things throughout the flowering phase. You will find specific light programs, that involve reducing the quantity of light daily at the flowering phase, which may on occasion get harvest to come a bit faster. For instance a 10-14 program (10 hours mild, 14 hours dim daily ) through the flowering phase may get plants prepared to crop a week or two earlier for some breeds, however lowering the quantity of light daily combined with harvesting earlier actually hurts your returns.

Most Indica hybrids (for instance, AK-48 and Northern Lights) obviously have quite brief flowering periods of just 7-9 weeks, and it can be a shorter flowering period than most other breeds. Hazes and Sativas frequently take a lot longer. For instance a haze strain may take 3-4 weeks at the flowering phase prior to preparing to harvest. Every distinct breed has pros and cons, but when time is a factor for you, pay careful attention to the amount of the blooming stage when determining which breed to grow. The vast majority of seed banks record the period of the blooming period as part of the stats for each breed.

3.) Give Plants 24 Hours of Lighting daily Throughout the Vegetative Stage

Provided that you provide your plants over 14 hours of light every day, they will remain in the vegetative phase. But if you give the plant more mild than that, they’ve more time at the daytime to grow! Some manufacturers think it’s far better to provide marijuana crops 18 hours of light a day maximum, using a 6 hour dark period during the vegetative period.

That is because crops grown under 18/6 ) are far resilient to difficulties. In case you’ve got a sick plant, simply reducing the light interval and/or light intensity just a little bit can allow it to recover quicker. No matter what’s perfect for plant life, it’s an established actuality that marijuana crops given a complete 24 hours of light every day will expand at least a bit faster during the vegetative stage (however, you might consider down to 18/6 months when your plant is ill to allow it to recover from issues quicker ).

Therefore, if a brief time to crop is of the utmost importantance for you, you might wish to think about going with all the 24 hour light period during the vegetative period for fastest expansion. Again, this won’t create the plant’s lively phase go any quicker, but it allows you to initiate the flowering phase just a little bit earlier.

4.) Initiate The Flowering Stage Sooner

You might not understand that routine (non auto-flowering) bud plants may be flowered straight from seed. While I state “flowered,” what I believe is you are able to alter the light program so that it compels your young seedlings to begin making buds straight away. You are able to find a marijuana plant to begin flowering by making sure that it receives 12 hours of uninterrupted darkness each night, frequently known as the 12-12 light program. This produces the plant “believe” winter is coming, and it’ll begin making buds when it’s able.  Some farmers will also blossom marijuana clones the moment they’ve formed roots, for essentially the exact same effect, although clones have a tendency to begin flowering somewhat quicker than a plant set on 12-12 straight from seed.

That having been said, flowering from seed is a really inefficient way of growing. Plants flowered from seed don’t find enough time to mature stalks where buds shape.

should you would like to begin flowering early, it’s far better to do this after waiting only a little, so you develop crops which are comparatively small but can create over a few grams worth of marijuana. This is referred to as the “Sea of Green” (SoG) technique. A lot of smaller crops is simple for new growers to handle, also it provides you the choice of trying different breeds rather than getting of lot of a single strain.

5.) Grow Inside

Growing outside may be convenient and significantly cheaper for people who happen to reside at a spot with good growing conditions because sunlight and temperament do a great deal of work for you. But outdoor growing isn’t the quickest way to raise and harvest your crop. Even though there’s an exclusion…. Outdoors, you have to plant at the spring, and wait patiently till late autumn to harvest. That usually means that oudoor develops may take 6months. Given the ideal conditions (high-yielding strain, direct sun daily, fantastic soil, prevent pests, etc) you are able to develop massive plants at that moment, that create pounds of buds. Yet growing inside provides you the best control over just how large your crops get, just how long to keep them at the vegetative phase, and precisely when they begin flowering amongst other items. In addition you have much more control on how much marijuana you’ll wind up yielding.

6.) Look closely at Your Plants and Instantly React to Issues

Whenever your plants get ill, it slows down their expansion while they attempt to recuperate. Every difficulty your plant runs right into may add days or weeks to a total increase time.Simply place: repairing an issue immediately equates to shorter period to crop. By reacting quickly to issues, you may save yourself the stress of attempting to address a massive problem that’s gotten out of control as you’ve been viewing out and adjusting along the road. Most of us recognize that problems often have considerably worse when left unattended!

7.) Ensure You’re Feeding Plants The ideal Type of Nutrients During Every Stage of Development

At the vegetative stage, it’s crucial that you provide your crops that the ideal nutrition required to acquire optimum growth. You’ve probably noticed ‘N-P-K’ numbers on the bottles of virtually every nutritional supplement line there’s. These amount are important to understand since cannabis plants utilize more N (nitrogen) from the vegetative stage, and comparatively more P & K (phosphorus & potassium) at the flowering period. Conversely, giving your plant an excessive amount of N at flowering period will really slow down marijuana production. This usually means you will harvest bigger yields of less-dense buds as well as waiting more for stated buds! That is the reason you want to mix your nutrition by hand, or pick a nutritional supplement system that’s especially formulated for the flowering period of a plant such as marijuana. By offering the ideal nutrients at the ideal time, you’ll decrease your total time to crop.

 8. Low Temps, Low Light, Low Humidity

Some manufacturers believe lower temperatures and decreased light levels can create plants grow quicker by mimicking the collapse. Another method some farmers use to increase trichomes and potentially accelerate maturation would be to decrease the humidity under 40% RH, which might additionally help rehydrate chilly, dry winter weather.

[Updated, originally published 17.9. 2017]

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