Is France Moving Towards A Legalization Of Cannabis?


France has some of the most rigorous cannabis legislation in Europe–it’s been prohibited in the nation because 1970, the nation doesn’t permit medicinal use, and there’s absolutely no distinction in law between private use and trafficking, because there is in certain nations.

But, France has the highest recorded usage of cannabis in Europe. Between 2015 and 2017, based on Statista, only over 11% of the French people said they had used cannabis within the preceding calendar year, the highest of any European nation. Using cannabis in France dates back to Napoleon’s Egyptian Campaign of 1798 when because of a deficiency of alcohol, his troops turned into cannabis instead. Though Napoleon banned the drug, cannabis became increasingly more popular.

The problem of legalizing cannabis is coming back into the end in France, as a new survey conducted by Le Parisien, polled French mayors around Paris and discovered that–in atomic quarters–50% of Paris’ leaders said that they favoured the decriminalization of the medication (just 22% were against, although 28% stated they had more info ). Research specialists told the paper that this was in accordance with public opinion based on recent polls.

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