Active Grow Launches New 100% EcoWhite PEVA Walden LED Grow Tents


SEATTLE – March 4, 2021 /Canna Newswire/ – Energetic Grow (, the renewable horticultural lighting maker, is pleased to announce the launching of its Walden Grow Tents. The 2’x4’ and 4’x4’ Walden Grow Tents are intended for professional indoor growers that aren’t scared of showing their backyard and don’t want to sacrifice function above form. When coupled with Lively Grow’s LoPro Max LED Luminaires and Ventilation Kits, the Walden Grow Tents offer farmers a whole kit perfect for serious residence or industrial develops. View the Walden Grow Tent Product Introduction movie here.

All Walden Grow Tents are fabricated using 100% EcoWhite PEVA material. This toxin-free material makes a fresh look for a expand area and sparks no hazardous compound gases, enabling these tents to be securely put in temperate settings without posing any health dangers to friends or loved ones. The triple-layer layout consists of a 600D yarn outside, a plastic light-blocking centre and a white plastic interior which is 10% more reflective compared to the most reflective mylar tents. This maximizes light efficiency while reducing energy use and heat output – contributing to a general more controlled environment for the plants.

To create using and keeping up the tents as straightforward as you can, all Walden Grow Tents attribute double-wide front doorways that enable growers simple access to crops or to set them on full screen. The 4’x4’ variant also has big rollup side doors to allow growers handle their crops from other angles. Both’x4’ and 4’x4’ variations both feature Infinity View front windows. These extra-large seeing windows assist growers observe and revel in their backyard without bothering temperature or humidity.

Setting up the tent is fast and easy with all the tent’s strong locking alloy framework, sturdy connector bits and tool-less setup. Industrial strength zippers guarantee the tent can withstand constant usage with no tearing or ripping. Both light-blocking flaps at zipper junctions further stop light from entering or escaping the tent. Each 2’x4’ and 4’x4’ Walden Tent comprises five ducting interfaces, two electric interfaces, three roll-up net air vents, two fan/filter straps, a mesh tool tote , a removable spill tray along with an industry-leading 2-year guarantee.

To match the Walden Grow Tents, Active Grow urges utilizing the LoPro Max LED Luminaires paired using the custom made Ventilation Kits. The LoPro Max LED Luminaires are offered at 320W (2’x4’ form variable ) and 640W (4’x4’ form variable ) versions and match perfectly in the Walden Grow Tents. The 4” and 6” fan kits have been made to satisfy with the ventilation requirements of both’x4’ and 4’x4’ tents sensibly. The venting kits come complete with an inline enthusiast, carbon filter, ducting, ducting knobs and hydroponic hangers. Active Grow offers significant savings when bundling its Walden Grow Tents, LoPro Max LED Luminaires and Ventilation Kits together.

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