This Week in Cannabis News from episode 82 of The Cannabis 101 Podcast


The Cannabis 101 Podcast is the guide throughout the legalization and ingestion of cannabis in Canada and outside. It’s not only about becoming high, it’s about getting healthy. Grab Hour One on Monday and also Hour two on Wednesday.

David Wylie of those ounce joins me every week to go over the newest on This Week in Cannabis News. Things happen quickly in the developing cannabis business and we’ll bring you the best stories.
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Malka Labell of this Green Generation Co brings the Most Recent bud-biz-buzz on the Company of Cannabis. We talk most recent the latest inventions, regulations and whatever else creating some bud-biz-buzz.
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Learn-Laugh-Win is just three sections from the primary episode combined to instruct, entertain and benefit you. The Cannabis Question, Cannabis Character and Pot Word of the Day sections packed up.

Chris Ianson is our teacher and a Regional Supervisor with Plantlife Cannabis. Every week Know Your Buds, we investigate another cultivar and also make recommendations for what amount of cannabis user it matches with according to their degree of experience.

One Hitters is an opportunity to get to know this guests of the Cannabis 101 Podcast only a tiny bit more. I find their cannabis history and exactly what and how they prefer to utilize the plant.

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