The First Black-Owned Multinational Cannabis Brand: Al Harrington’s Viola To Launch In Canada


Al Harrington’s cannabis goods are now reaching Canada.

Based on data procured exclusively before an official statement, cannabinoid-focused biopharmaceutical firm Avicanna (also featured in this Forbes article) will soon be licensing the newest of their NBA star, Viola, and utilizing it to produce certain formulations available across consumer and medical retail stations in Canada. Viola will be given a royalty fee for the usage of its title, but Avicanna will finally develop the goods being sold north of the boundary.

Deeply Invested
For Aras Azadian, CEO of Avicanna, this partnership includes a profound personal significance. It’s the coming together of 2 minority-led businesses, and the consequence of 2 decades of cooperation.

– Read the whole post at Forbes.

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