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If you look closely in a bundle of Wana Brands fast-acting cannabis gummies, you’re most likely to observe that the item is certified as kosher. In actuality, all Wana’s products which are produced in Colorado are licensed by Whole Kosher Services, a firm based in Houston.

It is often known that kosher means food products which are permissible under regulations. Well-known conditions of the legislation regulating what’s kosher (called kashruth in Hebrew) contain prohibitions on shellfish and pork. Other principles prescribe requirements for the ritual slaughter of livestock and forbid the comingling of milk and meat products.

However, kosher certification extends beyond making sure a product doesn’t include components which aren’t permitted. Rabbi Yaakov Cohen, the kashruth secretary of Whole Kosher Services, explained in a phone interview that the designation also ensures the merchandise was made at a clean facility under sterile conditions.

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