This Week in Cannabis News – June 14th to June 20th


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Mid-Week Update:
Educational Video – Portfolio Breakdown:
Corrections: @ 2:48 May 2022, Not 2020 / Also Forgot to Add: When Converted, Convertible Notes Does Become Equity So No Dilution Now But Will Dilute If Exercised.

00:00 – Intro
00:42 – CT to Become 18th State to Legalize
03:28 – BoJo Provides Update on Comprehensive Bill and SAFE
04:57 – Todd Highlighting State Level Social Justice Needs SAFE
06:21 – More Rumours, TSX Voting to Change Interpretation, Allow MSOs to Uplist
8:19 – Deleted Tweet From Michael Burry, Likely Referring to MSOs
9:24 – Legal Cannabis Market Projecting $43 Billion By 2025
11:20 – Senators Call For Key Chairman To Hold Vote on SAFE
13:26 – General Motors Considering Dropping Cannabis Testing
14:48 – Columbia Care Lands Industry Low Interest Rate of 6%
16:00 – Florida Sales Strong, Adds 3,200 More Patients This Week
18:12 – Cresco Labs launches Social Justice Campaign to Spread Awareness, Give Back
21:47 – B.C. To Allow Private Retailers to Deliver Directly to Consumers
23:25 – BTFD! Why Its So Important to Know What You’re Holding
26:16 – Peter Lynch’s 25 Golden Rules For Investing

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